Faye & Charlotte

Faye & Charlotte
Faye & Charlotte

Friday, 10 December 2010

How to make the prelim better

  •  I needed to be included in the shots.
  •  Camera shots were shaky so we should of used a tripod.
  •  We needed to edit in the purposely broken 180 degree rule to show how it does not work.
  •  We could of had a set genre rather than just an everyday theme.
  •  We needed appropriate props and scene. 
  •  The acting needs to be more serious and thought out before hand rather than last minute decisions because then we would of had an idea of what to do during the filming as we only had an hour.
  • In the background we can see Sam, we should of made sure there was no one behind what we were shooting. 
  • We needed to have narrative enigma, We could of kept Charlie's identity hidden e.g. shot of feet coming through the door rather than his face.
  • There are a lot of jump cuts so we should of taken more shots.
  • The shots we took we should of varied and taken long shots as well as close ups. There is a shot when Harry says that he is much better than Sam so we should of taken a low angle shot to show him as bigger and more controlling.
  • To show the viewers anchorage of where we are we should of taken a master shot of the room/ surroundings.

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