Faye & Charlotte

Faye & Charlotte
Faye & Charlotte

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

FH - Spot Light Love

I am working with Charlotte Barraclough.
For our film we have combined both our pitch ideas to create a new idea. It is a romantic comedy and our target audience is towards teenagers and adults.

The story line is a young man, Jake Thomson, he is a waiter and is going to work by train. On the train he opens a newspaper and there is a picture of a beautiful woman (Anthea Lovell) but he does not know much of her. The train arrives at Ilkley, Jake is very late so is rushing but as he is speedily walking to work on this perticular day he bumps into a famous actress, Anthiea Lovell, making her drop her shopping as well as both their mobiles which happen to be the same, he does not know who she is which affends her. He ends up noticing that it is not his mobile so he rings his phone, which she has, and says "hi, i have your phone" this will be the end of the opening of the film.

For our settings we need a train station and a coffee shop. We have decided to use Ilkley and Burley station's for when Jake Thomson gets on the train (at Burley) and gets off (at Ilkley). We are going to base the incodent when they bump into one another outside cafe Nero (Ilkley).                                                      

  • a newspaper or magazine
  • wallet
  • photo card 
  • train ticket
  • 2 mobile phones
  • Starbucks cup
  • sunglasses
  • heels
  • a waiter name badge
  • shopping bags
Jake Thomson - Black trousers and shoes, a white shirt, name tag, a plain jacket.
Anthiea Lovell- Blonde, sunglasses, big ear-rings, heels,  light coloured clothing e.g. skirt, top & a jacket.

Diagetic sound will be used up until they bump into each other which will then turn to non diagetic sound as they will say a few things to each other and then it will go into diagetic sound when they leave each other. 

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