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Friday, 28 January 2011

FH - Wild Child Deconstruction

Wild Child (Nick Moore, 2008)

Budget : $26,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend:

$10,700,000 (USA, April 2001)
  • Poppy Moore has the directors last name.
  • The shot leading in is a establishing shot, showing us that Poppy is in bed, as it leads in she wakes up and realises that today has signifigance to it. 
  • propps e.g peanut butter and jelly sandwich gives us anchorage she is American as it is very American.
  • We can see that she is popular (not only by looking at this picture) because everyone is at her house and she seems to be 'leading' everyone to doing things. At her house seems to be a party that everyone has come to, we can see this because people are holding drink cups and music is on for people to be dancing.
  • The use of topless males in the beggining will bring faward a female audience aswell as showing that Poppy may be single seen as she has these men around her.
  • The setting is in her big Malibu home, signifying her family is rich and upper class, the swimming pool over looking the sea signifies this also because not an everyday house has a swimming pool leading into the sea. We can tell that it is Malibu because when the Van arrives she says "welcome to malibu biatch!".
  • We can tell by her dialogue and her body actions that she is 'spoilt' she tells people to get what they want from a big 'home removal' van - signifying someone is moving in she does not like, this also shows us that she is rich because she does not care that things are been taken. 
  • Jumping into the sea with some pieces of clothing, that are not hers, in her clothing, that seems to be a short tight dress and heels ( for the male gaze) shows that she is a rebelious child (hense the name wild child).  
  • the setting is in America (signified by accent of actors), it is very hot and sunny as they are wearing clothing that is summery. The house is big and has a pool, this helps us denote that Poppy's family are rich.

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