Faye & Charlotte

Faye & Charlotte
Faye & Charlotte

Friday, 28 January 2011

FH- idents & company names

We have ideas for the company names;

  1. Pies in the Sky
  2. Shooting Stars
  3. Fachar
For the distribution we chose 'Pies In The Sky' because we decided we could make it a funny, visual clip and it links to the saying 'Thats a Pie in The Sky' - its never going to happen, and then it does. This is similar to our story because it is unlikely that Jake would ever meet a famous actress like Anthea. 

  1. LoveHearts
  2. Cupidz
  3. Love Arrows
We came to the decision of using 'Cupidz' because again we have good ideas of what we can do with the ident itself visually and it also links in with the love in the story. Cupid is the god of love which is key to the theme of romance. We added the 'Z' at the end of 'Cupid' because there are two of us working on this and it looks more unusual than 'Cupids'. 

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