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Sunday, 16 January 2011

CB/Deconstruction of The Matchmaker

Writers- Greg Dinner,Karen Janszen,Louis Nowra and Graham Lineham
Production Companies-Good Film Companies,Polygram Filmed Entertainment and Working Title Films
Stars-Janeane Garofalo,David O'Hara,Milo O'Shea nd Denis Leary
Running Time-97 mins
Rating-15 due to strong language
Filming Locations-Ireland (Count Galway) USA (Massachusetts)
Box Office-
Opening Weekend -$1,378,930 (USA) (5 October 1997) (705 Screens)
DEM 232,932 (Germany) (26 April 1998) (110 Screens)
USA Gross 1997-$ 19,900,566

Here is the link for the trailer of The Matchmaker

Sypnosis-Marcy is an assistant to Senator John McGlory, who is having problems with a re-election campaign. Desperate for Irish votes, McGlory's chief of staff Nick sends Marcy to Ireland to trace McGlory's relatives or ancestors. Marcy arrives at the village of Ballinagra when it is preparing for an annual Matchmaking Festival. A well-dressed, handsome and single young lady, she becomes the center of attention for two professional matchmakers, Dermot and Millie, as well as for bartender Sean.

Tagline- A romantic comedy for the unromantic

Opening Analysis (Lasts 2.45 mins)

Deconstruction of shots in opening scene

  • First Shot is of a long shot showing a bridge that is busy with traffic in Massachusettes in Boston .Titles at the bottom of the screen provide anchorage for the location.
  • Second shot is of a random women walking past the office and the camera then goes into this particular office and we see a woman who is watching television, as an audience we begin to wonder if she is a main character? The television provides abit of support , her collegue has won votes.
  • The camera then pans back out of the room (as she is walking out of the room) towards to the action to see what is going on and the camera then gives a midshot of the guy who was just shown on television and everyone is applauding him showing he is well respected.As these characters are first shown we again wonder if these will eventually fall in love? However when they go both go back into the office, the atomosphere seems uncomfortable,has something happened in the past? Ex-lovers perhaps?-close up's show emotion in detail.
  • The man then goes out and speaks to his other collegue and talks business plans-this gives us more insight to what their company is about and their stratagies.They want to promote the girl by going to Ireland and gain the politician votes as he has Irish ancestoral roots over there.Lastly it then shows Shannon Aiport which is when the main film title appears on screen.

Diagetic sound of traffic outside,people talking in the office and the sound from the televison.When the films title 'The Matchmaker' comes up then the soundtrack turns into a typical Irish Jig song! and diagetic sound of them singing on the bus-Danny boy which is also another Irish song which relates to the films location.

Film Titles
Titles that verify the location come up on screen E.g When it shows footage of Massachusettes, it brings up a title saying 'Massachusettes'.Film titles are of a yellow soft font which i interpreted as it signifying happiness.The actual film title of 'The Matchmaker' is in a soft bubbly font. It is in thefont colour of red which in this case could connote the subject of love and lust.The outline around the title is green which could possibly link to the Irish traits that appear in this film.These clashing colours make the film title stand out,catching the audiences eye.

  • Office-American flag-patriotic,Television-job involved with the media? Phones-business involved? Famous company? Computers-Generally used in an office environment. Smart attire-people wearing smart clothing also anchors that it is set in an office.
  • Aiport- Shannon Airport,Airplanes,Suitcases,checkouts

Any Influence?
The cameras shots that slowly panned out of the office as in the point of view of the character maybe be shot that we could incoparate into our film.

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