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Friday, 28 January 2011

FH - Bridget Jones Deconstruction

Bridget Jones Diary (Sharon Maguire, 2001)


 $26,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend:

 $10,733,933 (USA, April 2001)
  • in the first shot it is snowing, Bridget ( the main character) has been introduced.
  • A taxi is driving up a hill, it fades to shot of her getting out with a suit case, signifying she is on a journey.
  • As she is walking up the drive we see a house and its front garden. in the garden is a hedge cut into two swans creating a heart. this is denoting love is going to occur.
  • A woman answers the door and Bridget kisses her, this shows they are close relation (mother and daughter). The mother starts to talk and Bridget who is narrating to show that she is thinking this speech is showing that her mother is trying to set her up with a new partner.
  • There is a christmas tree and loads of visitors, signifying it is christmas and they are having a party. 
  • Bridget is smoking showing that she is stressed.
  • The chicken curry instead of a traditional christmas turkey dinner, shows that her family is a bit strange.
  • The man that is introduced to her starts talking about her to his mother and Bridget is in the background over hearing what is been said. 
  • The music at the end of this scene shows that she has become upset about what has been said about her. 

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