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Sunday, 16 January 2011

CB/Deconstruction of Four Weddings and a Funeral

Four Weddings and a Funeral
(Mike Newell,1994)

Director-Mike Newell
Writer-Richard Curtis
Production Companies-Polygram Filmed Entertainment,Channel Four Films and Working Title Films
Distributors-MGM/UA Home Entertainment and Polygram Filmed Entertainment
Stars-Hugh Grant,Rowan Atkinson,James Fleet and Andie Macdowell
Running Time-117 Mins
Rating-15 due to strong language and sexual references
Filming Locations-London,Surrey,Essex and Buckinghamshire (UK)
Box Office-(Budget- £3,500,00)
USA Gross 1994-$52,700,832  
UK Gross 1994-£119,141,575

Here is the trailer for Four Weddings and a Funeral:

Sypnosis- The film follows the fortunes of Charles and his friends as they wonder if they will ever find true love and marry. Charles thinks he's found "Miss Right" in Carrie, an American. This British subtle comedy revolves around Charlie, his friends and the four weddings and one funeral which they attend.

Tagline- Five good reasons to stay single

Opening Analysis-(Lasts 2mins)

Film Titles-Black Background with bold white font (odd for a romantic comedy as it is typically a much softer font e.g serif.The actual film title-Four Weddings and A Funeral is iced on a wedding cake which is an imaginative and quirky idea.

Soundtrack- At the begining-Orchestra- which is almost eerie! Again is odd for a romantic comedy.Elton John-But not for me plays.'They're writing songs of love but not for me'This is quote from this song is relevant for it could show that the guy in the film is not loved and therefore anchoring Charles (Hugh Grant) is a single man.It also signifies that the storyline is about love.

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