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Faye & Charlotte
Faye & Charlotte

Thursday, 6 January 2011

FH - Ideas For The Characters

These two characters are from the movies 'wild child' and '17 again', these are the costumes that inspired our characters appearance's. We found these pictures on google.  

Anthea Lovell
We would like to make the character of Anthea look like Emma Roberts in her Movie 'Wild Child'.She is a typical blonde, American stereotype. Her clothing signify that she is rich and her sun glasses signify that she is trying to hide away from people to hope they do not recognize her. Our actress is Zoe Smith, she is going to atempt the American accent other wise we will keep it English.

This picture of Zac Efron has the basic casual look we would like our character Jake to have.We want Jake to have a casual look as he is only going to work and is going to be late so it looks like he hasn't made too much effort which will show us the difference between him and Anthea. Wearing a plain jacket will give away his personality of been plain. Carl Hewitt is going to be the actor to play Jake.

Written by Faye

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  1. denote who did which post/part of a post by initials - NOT as a post title!!!
    why would you want an American character? Do you have someone who can do the accent (great if you can)?
    are there only 2 characters?
    you're on the right lines, making links from existing films to your own production - but who's this anonymous chap in the 2nd photo?!


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