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Monday, 31 January 2011

CB/Deconstruction of '17 Again'

17 Again ( Burr Steers,2009)

Director-Burr Steers

Writer-Jason Filardi

Production Companies-Offspring Entertainment

Distrubutors-New Line Cinema,Warner Home Video

Stars-Zac Efron,Matthew Perry,Leslie Mann and Thomas Lennon

Running Time-102 mins

Rating-12A due to some language,some sexual material and teen partying.

Filming Locations-Los Angeles and California-USA


Box Office Gross-$791,580,952 (USA,2009) £51,399,879 (UK,2009)

Here is the trailer for 17 Again-

Sypnosis-At 17 Mike O'Donell was on top of the world; he was the star of his high school basketball team, and was a shoo in for a college scholarship. And is dating his soul mate, Scarlett. But on what's suppose to be his big game wherein college scouts are checking him out, Scarlett reveals that she's pregnant. Mike decides to leave the game and asks Scarlett to marry him which she does. During their marriage, Mike could only whine about the life he lost because he married her. So she throws him out. And when he loses his job, he returns to the only place he's happy at - his old high school. And while looking at his high school photo, a janitor asks him if he wishes he could be 17 again and he says yes. One night while driving he sees the janitor on a bridge and apparently jumps in and he goes after him. When he returns to his friend, Ned's house, where he has been staying, he sees that he is 17 again. He decides to take this opportunity to get the life he lost.

Tagline-Who say's your only young once?

Opening Analysis (2mins)-

Deconstruction of shots in opening scene-

First shot is a mid-shot shows an old stadium, possibly at a high school?

The second shot anchors this suggestion as it is of 'Hayden High School' The transitions between shots are slick signifying that the action will be fast paced,engaging the audience.

Next we see a close-up shot of a basketball going through the hoop,signifying that it may be a basketball related film.Then many basketballs go through the hoop at once which also signifies that this person could be a skilful basketball player.The next shot shows a long shot/high angle shot of the basketball player.We as an audience think is this the main protagonist? Seeing him get so many shots in the hoop is impressive and the shots being close-up's of this emphasise his skill in detail.Then we get a shot looking from behind the basketball player as he is still shooting shots into the hoop.The schools badge is on the wall next to the hoop which provides yet more anchorage.The next shot shows the protagonist watching his shot fall into the hoop.He displays an athletic body which is a good attribute seeing as a large majority of the audience watching romantic comedies are female.Titles flash on showing us his name and the year the film is currently in,conveying to the audience he is a main character and that we must move forward in time as the film goes on.Following on from that there is a close-up shot of 'Mike O'donnell' which is the first time we see his face clearly.Mike then says "I'm just warming up coach" as his coach walks on, making the shot now 'two-shot'.It is also a mid-shot for it only shows up to the characters knees.As the coach and Mike are talking, the camera switches to and from who ever speaking so we can see the their individual responses and emotion.Then there is a high angle shot of the basketball squad showing exactly how many of them are.After that there are quick clips of mid-shots showing the other basketball players so the audience get a feel of what characters mainly sum up the squad.The next consecutive shot is a midshot of the basketball players looking back at the door where there is a boy who has just fallen in.This could connote that this boy is looked down upon by the other team members and that he is quite clumsy! Close-up shots between the interactions of Ned and the other players.To show the team photograph, there is a long-shot,It then flicks to a shot behind the players showing the their point of view and then to the camera mans point of view, showing the team players.Then there is a close-up of the protagonist (Mike) just before Ned screeches at the camera flash.


String music which sets the atmosphere of anticipation as the audience are eagerly waiting for something to happen.As the sound isn't upbeat straight away this gives the audience a chance to see the protagonist without music masking his characteristic's

Film Titles

White font on black a background-unusual for it normally occurs on horror films, signifying that it will be serious and dark when it is a romantic comedy.However then each individual

word drops as if it was bouncing (just a basketball, as basketball is a key theme).The titles normally come in after short bursts of film footage.Some letters scroll up and some down which could connote that there could be a mix up in the film? There is a also a film title that anchors the protagonists name and the year that the film is set.


Highschool-High school building/stadium,Gym,High-school badge on gym wall

Basketball Team-Basketballs,Basketball players in typical basketball outfits-trainers,big sized vests and shorts.

Any influence?

The array of shots e.g. high angle shots look effective so shots like these could be used in ours perhaps.

CB - Deconstruction of Definitley,Maybe

Definitely,Maybe (Adam Brooks,2008)

Producer- Adam Brooks
Writer-Adam Brooks
Production Companies-Universal,Studio Canal,Working Title,Ringrirke Erste Filmproduktion
Distrubution Company-Universal
Stars-Ryan Reynolds,Rachel Weisz and Abigail Breslin
Running Time-112 mins
Rating-PG 13 for sexual content,some frank
dialogue,language and smoking
Filming Locations-New York/City USA
Box Office-Opening Weekend-$11,472,255 (USA) (17 February 2008) (2,204 Screens) £698,041 (UK) (10 February 2008) (332 Screens)
USA Gross 2008- $ 218,281,370
UK Gross 2008-£ 5186,669

Here is the trailer for Definitely Maybe:

Will Hayes, a 30-something Manhattan dad is in the midst of a divorce when his 10 year old daughter, Maya, starts to question him about his life before marriage. Maya wants to know absolutely everything about how her parents met and fell in love. Will's story begins in 1992, as a young, starry-eyed aspiring politician who moves to New York from Wisconsin in order to work on the Clinton campaign. For Maya, Will relives his past as a idealistic young man learning the ins and outs of big city politics, and recounts the history of his romantic relationships with three very different women. On the campaign, Will's best buddy is Russell McCormack. They not only have similar political aspirations, they share the same type of girl problems, too. Will hopelessly attempts a "PG" version of his story for his daughter ad changes the names so Maya has to guess who he finally married...

Tag line-3 Relationships.Three Disasters.One Last Chance

Opening analysis:- ( Lasts 
Titles-Simple : black background and white font looks serious which is odd for a Romantic Comedy Film, keeps flicking from film footage to the titles and stops for about 30 seconds or so and carries on when he plays the music on his i-pod and the titles come up in a white curved font contrasting with the white background. Again this is odd for a romantic Comedy but looks slick and professional.

Shots-First Image/shot is a woman saying 'Hi Will Package for you' an then a brown letter addressed to Mr William hayes of 1932 West End Avenue,New York is slammed on the desk. main character? set in America? 
Then shows the guy who is sitting in an office clicking his pen (Ryan Reynolds) is this William Hayes? He starts to open the letter so this could signify that it is him
the letter is a divorce letter which is negative, romantic comedies typically start on a sad note eg seperation and then they have hope of falling in love again.He says that he never imagined that on his wedding day he would be part of the 46% that doesn't live happily ever after.He then goes on to mention that he also never imagined that he would be part of an advertising agency trying to get kids to eat captain crunch instead of fruit loops! Following that comical comment he goes on to say that tuesdays and wednesdays are his favourite days for he picks up his daughter Mia from school.(This shot of him is a mid-shot which shows he's come out of work into a city bustling of life. It's a sunny day which could reflect his current mood.Then he follows on to say that it is a great feeling when you find a track that goes with the day and that he has found the absolute perfect song for that day.(Shots of him putting earphones in hear and close up of putting that song on his phone.He puts the wrong song on and it is a rap song which again is comical seeing a close up of his confused face.He corrects himself by saying no this perfect song. The song is upbeat which creates a good atmosphere for the audience whilst again reflecting Will's mood.

Soundtrack-No immediate music only the characters comical voiceover which is a thoughtrack.Then it changes to music about 1.40 mins to 'Everyday People by Sly and Family Stone'. The lyrics could symoblise that he has made mistakes but everybody has and everybody is equal, no role can differ that whether people agree or disagree with that. 'We are the same, whatever we do.'

Office-Will was wearing a smart suit howve slhtl u done which cod signify he has been working hard.Examples f adverts behind him which is what the company does (advertising agency).
Outside-Walking down the busy highstreet, signifies that is is rushhour for he is pickng up is daugher up from school.Whilst walking he plays music and we see his phone which plays the music.

Locations-New York/City, USAhttp://www.imdb.com/title/tt0832266/

Friday, 28 January 2011

FH - Bridget Jones Deconstruction

Bridget Jones Diary (Sharon Maguire, 2001)


 $26,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend:

 $10,733,933 (USA, April 2001)
  • in the first shot it is snowing, Bridget ( the main character) has been introduced.
  • A taxi is driving up a hill, it fades to shot of her getting out with a suit case, signifying she is on a journey.
  • As she is walking up the drive we see a house and its front garden. in the garden is a hedge cut into two swans creating a heart. this is denoting love is going to occur.
  • A woman answers the door and Bridget kisses her, this shows they are close relation (mother and daughter). The mother starts to talk and Bridget who is narrating to show that she is thinking this speech is showing that her mother is trying to set her up with a new partner.
  • There is a christmas tree and loads of visitors, signifying it is christmas and they are having a party. 
  • Bridget is smoking showing that she is stressed.
  • The chicken curry instead of a traditional christmas turkey dinner, shows that her family is a bit strange.
  • The man that is introduced to her starts talking about her to his mother and Bridget is in the background over hearing what is been said. 
  • The music at the end of this scene shows that she has become upset about what has been said about her. 

FH - Wild Child Deconstruction

Wild Child (Nick Moore, 2008)

Budget : $26,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend:

$10,700,000 (USA, April 2001)
  • Poppy Moore has the directors last name.
  • The shot leading in is a establishing shot, showing us that Poppy is in bed, as it leads in she wakes up and realises that today has signifigance to it. 
  • propps e.g peanut butter and jelly sandwich gives us anchorage she is American as it is very American.
  • We can see that she is popular (not only by looking at this picture) because everyone is at her house and she seems to be 'leading' everyone to doing things. At her house seems to be a party that everyone has come to, we can see this because people are holding drink cups and music is on for people to be dancing.
  • The use of topless males in the beggining will bring faward a female audience aswell as showing that Poppy may be single seen as she has these men around her.
  • The setting is in her big Malibu home, signifying her family is rich and upper class, the swimming pool over looking the sea signifies this also because not an everyday house has a swimming pool leading into the sea. We can tell that it is Malibu because when the Van arrives she says "welcome to malibu biatch!".
  • We can tell by her dialogue and her body actions that she is 'spoilt' she tells people to get what they want from a big 'home removal' van - signifying someone is moving in she does not like, this also shows us that she is rich because she does not care that things are been taken. 
  • Jumping into the sea with some pieces of clothing, that are not hers, in her clothing, that seems to be a short tight dress and heels ( for the male gaze) shows that she is a rebelious child (hense the name wild child).  
  • the setting is in America (signified by accent of actors), it is very hot and sunny as they are wearing clothing that is summery. The house is big and has a pool, this helps us denote that Poppy's family are rich.

FH - About a Boy Deconstruction

About A Boy (Chris Weitz & Paul Weitz, 2002)


 $27,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend:

 $8,600,000 (USA, May 2002)

  • Starts with the music of who wants to be a millionaire, and Hugh Grant (playing the main character) his narrating how he feels about life.
  • He switches off the t.v by saying "what a load of bollocks" showing his negative point of view, he goes on to mensioning that with the right technology you can make "your own little paradise" showing his dependence on technology e.g. he had a cup of coffee in microwave, showing laziness as he couldn't be bothered to make a fresh cup from the kettle. 
  • There is modern technology - signifying he is a single man because he will not cook himself.
  • Lots of modern colour schemes, silver, biege, white etc. very plain possibly showing a plain personality. Also his clothing is plain- just jeans and a jumper, not very out-standing.
  • We see a piece of paper on the table next to the phone with a number on, this woman ring and leaves a message as he throws the paper away - signifying he is not bothered about anyone.
  • The protagonist's face is hidden at first, we see fish, fish usually don't take alot of looking after signifying he is alone - no pets.
  • As he leaves the house he looks in the mirror, poses and then walks out to look into a silver object, this shows he is vain.
  •  We switch to a young boy lying in bed with a pet hamster, this also shows loneliness which links them together.  

FH - Love & Other Drugs Deconstruction

Love and other Drugs (Edward Zwick, 2010)

Budget: $30,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend:

 $9,700,000 (USA, November 2010)
  • There's a man who works in a store that sells electronic devises, computers, televisions, dvd players etc. this is signified by his costume, blue shirt and tie with black trousers, he is also wearing a name badge.
  • He is flirting with the women in the shop while he is working showing his personality.
  • He plays with a little girl who's mother is buying something, signifying he is fun and has a laugh.
  • Another female worker is talking to his and the manager tells them to get back to work, this shows us that he is a man who flirts a lot, He even starts to flirt with an old woman.
  • While talking to the old woman another worker comes to talk to him and the woman pushes him away showing her interest in the main character. 
  • It cuts to a scene where him and the other female worker are kissing and start to have sex in the back of the store.
  • Using a 'walky talky' the manager contacts them and hears them having sex, he runs into the back and starts shouting, the main character then runs out and tells people not to buy what they are looking at, this is signifying that he has been fired.
  • He gives his number to a woman and tells her to contact him if she needs advise on what to buy, the manager then comes out and the main character runs out.

FH - Notting Hill Deconstruction

Notting Hill (Roger Michell, 1999)
Budget: $42,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend:

 $27,700,000 (USA, May 1999)
  • A piano playing music is heard as the titles are coming up and there are cheers. There are different clips of a woman who is signified to be famous due to people cheering at her and flashed from cameras.
  • There are some magazine front covers fading in and out of real life
  • We see that the woman is going to be a main character.
  • there are people guiding her through crouds showing that she is been looked out for.
Notting Hill is what inspired us to have a famous character in our film. it is a great story line and totally out of the blue as it is an unlikely thing to happen to such different people.

Sample Fotage

This is just an idea of what angles we can use for when Anthea comes out of the cafe. We are planning to get a shot of her feet coming down as Jakes feet get closer to her, signifying that there is going to be a collition.

CB- Casting. copy from char


FH- idents & company names

We have ideas for the company names;

  1. Pies in the Sky
  2. Shooting Stars
  3. Fachar
For the distribution we chose 'Pies In The Sky' because we decided we could make it a funny, visual clip and it links to the saying 'Thats a Pie in The Sky' - its never going to happen, and then it does. This is similar to our story because it is unlikely that Jake would ever meet a famous actress like Anthea. 

  1. LoveHearts
  2. Cupidz
  3. Love Arrows
We came to the decision of using 'Cupidz' because again we have good ideas of what we can do with the ident itself visually and it also links in with the love in the story. Cupid is the god of love which is key to the theme of romance. We added the 'Z' at the end of 'Cupid' because there are two of us working on this and it looks more unusual than 'Cupids'. 

Thursday, 27 January 2011

the micro video

included in the video- Faye H, Mel A, Roam H And Charlotte B- This is the micro-drama that we did to practice filming. To make it better we needed to use the tripod because the camera was not always steady.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

CB/Deconstruction of The Matchmaker

Writers- Greg Dinner,Karen Janszen,Louis Nowra and Graham Lineham
Production Companies-Good Film Companies,Polygram Filmed Entertainment and Working Title Films
Stars-Janeane Garofalo,David O'Hara,Milo O'Shea nd Denis Leary
Running Time-97 mins
Rating-15 due to strong language
Filming Locations-Ireland (Count Galway) USA (Massachusetts)
Box Office-
Opening Weekend -$1,378,930 (USA) (5 October 1997) (705 Screens)
DEM 232,932 (Germany) (26 April 1998) (110 Screens)
USA Gross 1997-$ 19,900,566

Here is the link for the trailer of The Matchmaker

Sypnosis-Marcy is an assistant to Senator John McGlory, who is having problems with a re-election campaign. Desperate for Irish votes, McGlory's chief of staff Nick sends Marcy to Ireland to trace McGlory's relatives or ancestors. Marcy arrives at the village of Ballinagra when it is preparing for an annual Matchmaking Festival. A well-dressed, handsome and single young lady, she becomes the center of attention for two professional matchmakers, Dermot and Millie, as well as for bartender Sean.

Tagline- A romantic comedy for the unromantic

Opening Analysis (Lasts 2.45 mins)

Deconstruction of shots in opening scene

  • First Shot is of a long shot showing a bridge that is busy with traffic in Massachusettes in Boston .Titles at the bottom of the screen provide anchorage for the location.
  • Second shot is of a random women walking past the office and the camera then goes into this particular office and we see a woman who is watching television, as an audience we begin to wonder if she is a main character? The television provides abit of support , her collegue has won votes.
  • The camera then pans back out of the room (as she is walking out of the room) towards to the action to see what is going on and the camera then gives a midshot of the guy who was just shown on television and everyone is applauding him showing he is well respected.As these characters are first shown we again wonder if these will eventually fall in love? However when they go both go back into the office, the atomosphere seems uncomfortable,has something happened in the past? Ex-lovers perhaps?-close up's show emotion in detail.
  • The man then goes out and speaks to his other collegue and talks business plans-this gives us more insight to what their company is about and their stratagies.They want to promote the girl by going to Ireland and gain the politician votes as he has Irish ancestoral roots over there.Lastly it then shows Shannon Aiport which is when the main film title appears on screen.

Diagetic sound of traffic outside,people talking in the office and the sound from the televison.When the films title 'The Matchmaker' comes up then the soundtrack turns into a typical Irish Jig song! and diagetic sound of them singing on the bus-Danny boy which is also another Irish song which relates to the films location.

Film Titles
Titles that verify the location come up on screen E.g When it shows footage of Massachusettes, it brings up a title saying 'Massachusettes'.Film titles are of a yellow soft font which i interpreted as it signifying happiness.The actual film title of 'The Matchmaker' is in a soft bubbly font. It is in thefont colour of red which in this case could connote the subject of love and lust.The outline around the title is green which could possibly link to the Irish traits that appear in this film.These clashing colours make the film title stand out,catching the audiences eye.

  • Office-American flag-patriotic,Television-job involved with the media? Phones-business involved? Famous company? Computers-Generally used in an office environment. Smart attire-people wearing smart clothing also anchors that it is set in an office.
  • Aiport- Shannon Airport,Airplanes,Suitcases,checkouts

Any Influence?
The cameras shots that slowly panned out of the office as in the point of view of the character maybe be shot that we could incoparate into our film.

CB/Deconstruction of Love Actually

 Love Actually (Richard Curtis,2003)

Director-Richard Curtis
Writer-Richard Curtis
Production Companies-Universal Pictures,Studio Canal,Working Title Films and in association with DNA Films
Distrubutors-Universal Pictures
Stars-Hugh Grant,Liam Neeson,Colin Firth,Laur Linney,Emma Thompson,Alan Rickman,Keira Knightley,Martine McCutcheon,Bill Nighy and Rowan Atkinson
Running Time-135 mins
Rating-15 due to moderate sexuality,nudity and language
Filming Locations-London,UK and France
(Budget- £30,000,000)
Box Office Gross-$407,971,235 ( USA,2003),  £81,697,392 (UK,2003)

Here is the trailer for Love Actually:

Sypnosis-The characters are falling in love, falling out of love, some are with right people, some are with the wrong people, some are looking to have an affair, some are in the period of mourning; a capsule summary of reality. Love begins and love ends. They flirt a lot. They are all flirting with love. At all ages and social levels, love is the theme. Romantic love and brotherly love is the hotchpotch through out the movie. Most of the movie is filmed in London, during Christmas and the characters all ended up at Heathrow airport a very uplifting note.

Tagline-Very Romantic.Very Comedy. or  The Ultimate Romantic Comedy

Opening Analysis ( 2 mins)

Deconstruction of shots in opening scene-
  • Camera pans and focuses on certain 'loved up' people.There are alot of people, we get a sense it coud be busy aiport/station?
  • Close-ups to show true happiness by peoples smiles and lovingly gesures e.g. kissing and hugging.
Different people of all ages,shape,race and gender were shown either huggng or kissing showing their gratitude of love.There are some snapshots at the side, showing the diversity of people represented and shot types.The first snapshot is shown near the beginging and is a side-shot/mid-shot  a mother with her two daughters running to her for a hug.The other snapshot is a close-up showing a couple kissing which is a unique shot of them almost 'poking' out of the crowd.I also noticed with this shoti that it forms the outline of a love heart, the couples heads being the top and the bottom of the oveheart shaped by the peoples shoulders (who are stood infront)intentional or not, it looks impressive

The opening sequence starts with slowly played orchestra, which gradually fades at the end into Bill Nighy Singing! In my opinion I think this style of music is light,calming,peaceful and creates some sort of serenity.This music is thought provoking and makes the audience think about our loved ones and they refelct on the happiness it brings to people.As the music is not too distracting we concentrate heavily into the action on screen and listen contently to every wood the voiceover has to say.The music highlights what he says for it is light and romantic,setting the mood for the rest of the film.The voice over is spoken by Hugh Grant.He mentions that whenever he gets gloomy about the state of the world -(he's the prime-minister) he thinks of the arrivals gate at Heathrow Aiport-(anchors location of footage).He continues to mention that a general opinion of people say we live in a world of hatred and greed.He see's that love is everywhere, whether it be dignified or news worthy, but it's always there.He says theres fathers' and sons',mothers' and daughters',husbands' and wives',boyfriends' and girlfriends' and old friends.He then brings up te controversial subject of the 'Twin Towers' accident. Stating that,when the plane hit the tiwn towers, that the phonecalls from people on board were not  messages of hate or revenge but  messages of love.Finally, he concludes that if you look for it, he has a sneaky feeling that love is all around.

Film Titles
The first titles that are shown are the production and distrubution titles.These titles are in a soft edged font white font.The soft edged font is commonly used in Romantic Comedies to mirror its lightheartedness compared to a much sharper font that would be used in a horror film.The White font on a black background also quite often used but is puzzling to why it is for most would think it looks like a serious drama.The rest of the film titles come in after the 2 mins.Before the 2 minutes is over,there are different shots of people hugging and words come on the screen repeating what the voiceover has just said.The voiceover says ' Love Actually is all around'.When he says one of those words, that words comes up on screen.The words except is are in a white coloured font whilst the word 'is' is in a red font.This empthasises his point that love IS all around and cold also conntote that this is the case in the film.The font then quickly fades and the words 'love' and 'actually' come together whilst the other words fade out.However the word 'Love' turns into the red font that was on the word 'is'.The colour red links to themes of romance and lust which links to the genre of the film.Highlighting love symbolises that film is based upon this.

  • Airport-People carrying Suitcases and travel bags and terminal signs.
Any influence?-The colour of the film titles, influenced our colour scheme of fonts and the speeds of the fading of the titles also appealed for ideas to our opening.The speed of fading of the shots also took our interest whilst the shot types that were used to show emotion also interested us to use them.The close-ups of people, showing emotion in detail, we thought was a great idea for it engages the audience to feel emotion too.

CB/Deconstruction of Four Weddings and a Funeral

Four Weddings and a Funeral
(Mike Newell,1994)

Director-Mike Newell
Writer-Richard Curtis
Production Companies-Polygram Filmed Entertainment,Channel Four Films and Working Title Films
Distributors-MGM/UA Home Entertainment and Polygram Filmed Entertainment
Stars-Hugh Grant,Rowan Atkinson,James Fleet and Andie Macdowell
Running Time-117 Mins
Rating-15 due to strong language and sexual references
Filming Locations-London,Surrey,Essex and Buckinghamshire (UK)
Box Office-(Budget- £3,500,00)
USA Gross 1994-$52,700,832  
UK Gross 1994-£119,141,575

Here is the trailer for Four Weddings and a Funeral:

Sypnosis- The film follows the fortunes of Charles and his friends as they wonder if they will ever find true love and marry. Charles thinks he's found "Miss Right" in Carrie, an American. This British subtle comedy revolves around Charlie, his friends and the four weddings and one funeral which they attend.

Tagline- Five good reasons to stay single

Opening Analysis-(Lasts 2mins)

Film Titles-Black Background with bold white font (odd for a romantic comedy as it is typically a much softer font e.g serif.The actual film title-Four Weddings and A Funeral is iced on a wedding cake which is an imaginative and quirky idea.

Soundtrack- At the begining-Orchestra- which is almost eerie! Again is odd for a romantic comedy.Elton John-But not for me plays.'They're writing songs of love but not for me'This is quote from this song is relevant for it could show that the guy in the film is not loved and therefore anchoring Charles (Hugh Grant) is a single man.It also signifies that the storyline is about love.

CB/Deconstruction of Juno

Director-Jason Reitman
Writer-Diablo Cody
Production Companies-Fox Searchlight Pictures (Presents)Mandate pictures , Mr Mudd (Co-productions)
Distrbutions-Fox Searchlight Pictures and 20th Century Fox
Stars-Ellen Page,Michael Cera,Jennifer Garner,Jason Bateman,Allison Janney and J.K Simmons
Running Time-96 mins
Rating-15 due to strong language and moderate sex references
Filming Locations-Canada, USA
Box Office-(Budget- $ 7,500,000)
Opening Weekend-$413,869 (USA) (9th December 2007) 
(7 Screens)
£2,002,120 (UK) (10 February 2008) (363 Screens)

Here is the trailer for Juno:

Sypnosis-A tale told over four seasons, starting in autumn when Juno, a 16-year-old high-school junior in Minnesota, discovers she's pregnant after one event in a chair with her best friend, Bleeker. In the waiting room of an abortion clinic, the quirky and whip-sharp Juno decides to give birth and to place the child with an adoptive couple. She finds one in the PennySaver personals, contacts them, tells her dad and step-mother, and carries on with school. The chosen parents, upscale yuppies (one of whom is cool and laid back, the other meticulous and uptight), meet Juno, sign papers, and the year unfolds. Will Juno's plan work, can she improvise, and what about Bleeker?

Tagline- A comedy about growing up and the bumps along the way...

Opening Analysis (Lasts 2 mins):-
Deconstruction of opening shots
  • First shot on film has he first title which says 'Autumn' in white font on a black background.This is unsual for these colours are often used in horror films.However the word 'Autumn' is written in a bubbly font as it was handwritten/doodled by a teenager.This teenager in this case could perhaps be Juno?  This anchors the current season that the film is set in.
  • The black background then transfrom into a long shot of a house (possibly Juno's and we can see a girl at the far left of the shot (who again could be Juno) with Sunny D in her hand, facing an oldfashioned armchair.The weather looks like a new day is starting-dawn?The title autumn becomes transparent and then dizzolves off screen
  • 3rd Shot,zooms closer onto Juno who is now taking a drink of her Sunny D as if she was gulping whisky and wipes her mouth on her sleeve!This is comical and it gives us an idea that Juno isn't very 'ladylike'.
  • 4th Shot is a close-up of Junos face.Her hair is scraped back and no make-up sigifying she doesn't take care in her appearance,down to earth maybe? She seems to be in deep thought looking at the chair.Is the chair symbolic? Has a chair affected her in some way? A voiceover then says 'It started with the chair'-Again as an audience member we wonder even more, how the chair is involved
  • 5th Shot is a low angle, from the side of Junos ankles and in the background you can see someone (Paulie) sitting in a chair naked.Possible sex scene ?
  • 6th Shot shows Juno's cherry knickers falling down her legs which again connotes that she is about to have sex.The cherry knickers a comical fo they are quite frumpy and could signfy that she is about to 'pop her cherry' and not be a virgin anymore. Juno then steps out of her knickers that were around her ankles and she rocks on her feet nervously which could also anchor that ths is her first time.
  • 7th Shot shows her walk slowly towards (Paulie) which again could show nervousness.Close up of her as she is walking towards him-she looks happy but smiles nervously.Juno then sits on his lap.
  • 8th Shot-Extreme close-up of Juno and Paulie's lips kissing.This emphasises their passion.Paulie then whispers in Juno's ear and says 'i've wanted this for a very long time.This shows they've delayed having a sex and that he too could be a virgin? Also shows his love for Juno.
  • 9th Shot- mid-shot of Dog woofing which abruptly interrups the 'romance' which again is funny.Mid-shot of Juno's reaction as she says 'Jeeze Banana,Shut your frickin' gob okay? This is a humourous line as she is talking to a dog and has been interrupted by her daydreaming about her and Paulie with the chair! A voicover then says 'This is the most magnificent disregarded living room set i have ever seen.'As if she is about to nick it!
  • 10th Shot shows a side shot of juno walking down the street.Runners run past her which is significant for they are in the film alot as Paulie is part of that running team.
  • The footage then cleverly turns into a cartoon animation of her but it still shows her walking on down the street.It looks like somethin out of a comic book or what a child has drawn as the coloring in of the cartoon is done in felt tips.This is quirky and unique to watch,engaging the audience even more for the scenes of Juno walking are always changing as she passes different places
All I Want Is You-Barry Louis Polisar, This acoustic song is very folky has is has a guitar and a harmonica playing.This sets the feel to the film making it appear friendly,straight to the point,down to earth,orginal,simplistic and charismatic.

Written in a childlike scribble handwriting like it could be Juno's handwriting.The titles also move slightl just like the cartoon footage does as if it was on a projector.This gives a sense of more fun.

Juno's costume is very preppy which again connotes that she is at highschool , a tomboy and doesnt really give a great deal about her appearance.Drinking Sunny D again shows her tom-boyish attitude.
Juno's house is fairly middleclass for it isnt massively big but it is a nice surrounding suburba.
The chair outside her house which is randomly dumped may represent attitudes in her neighbourhood.

Any Influence? We loved the sound of the soundtrack for it fitted perfectly well with the film.The fresh sound of this acoustc music influenced our ideas of our soundtrack as we are now possibly thinking of doing a live sound recording rather than a sound clip made on garageband.We also like the unique film titles as we intend to do quirky titles too.The comical lines that are also said whilst giving exposition gaves us some ideas for our main characters lines.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

FH - Ideas For The Characters

These two characters are from the movies 'wild child' and '17 again', these are the costumes that inspired our characters appearance's. We found these pictures on google.  

Anthea Lovell
We would like to make the character of Anthea look like Emma Roberts in her Movie 'Wild Child'.She is a typical blonde, American stereotype. Her clothing signify that she is rich and her sun glasses signify that she is trying to hide away from people to hope they do not recognize her. Our actress is Zoe Smith, she is going to atempt the American accent other wise we will keep it English.

This picture of Zac Efron has the basic casual look we would like our character Jake to have.We want Jake to have a casual look as he is only going to work and is going to be late so it looks like he hasn't made too much effort which will show us the difference between him and Anthea. Wearing a plain jacket will give away his personality of been plain. Carl Hewitt is going to be the actor to play Jake.

Written by Faye

FH - ideas for the titles

  • When Jake gets out of bed, we can have titles written where he was asleep, we can use an old sheet or old piece of fabric and write on it.
  • Opening the curtains, names on window.
  • On the cafe Nero cup we can have names on it.
  • On the timetable of trains, or in the shelter bit.
  • Post coming through the door, names on the letter.
  • in the fridge he can pull out orange juice (him in background and camera on table and names on orange juice) and other items for breakfast.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

FH - Spot Light Love

I am working with Charlotte Barraclough.
For our film we have combined both our pitch ideas to create a new idea. It is a romantic comedy and our target audience is towards teenagers and adults.

The story line is a young man, Jake Thomson, he is a waiter and is going to work by train. On the train he opens a newspaper and there is a picture of a beautiful woman (Anthea Lovell) but he does not know much of her. The train arrives at Ilkley, Jake is very late so is rushing but as he is speedily walking to work on this perticular day he bumps into a famous actress, Anthiea Lovell, making her drop her shopping as well as both their mobiles which happen to be the same, he does not know who she is which affends her. He ends up noticing that it is not his mobile so he rings his phone, which she has, and says "hi, i have your phone" this will be the end of the opening of the film.

For our settings we need a train station and a coffee shop. We have decided to use Ilkley and Burley station's for when Jake Thomson gets on the train (at Burley) and gets off (at Ilkley). We are going to base the incodent when they bump into one another outside cafe Nero (Ilkley).                                                      

  • a newspaper or magazine
  • wallet
  • photo card 
  • train ticket
  • 2 mobile phones
  • Starbucks cup
  • sunglasses
  • heels
  • a waiter name badge
  • shopping bags
Jake Thomson - Black trousers and shoes, a white shirt, name tag, a plain jacket.
Anthiea Lovell- Blonde, sunglasses, big ear-rings, heels,  light coloured clothing e.g. skirt, top & a jacket.

Diagetic sound will be used up until they bump into each other which will then turn to non diagetic sound as they will say a few things to each other and then it will go into diagetic sound when they leave each other.