Faye & Charlotte

Faye & Charlotte
Faye & Charlotte

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

7) looking back at your premliminary task, what would you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full project?

Since the prelim tasks i feel that i have progressed alot more and i have better knowledge of how to produce a film! I learnt how to use the camera and the different shots that needed to be taken at sertain points e.g. extreme close up to emphesis to the audience. I learnt about the 180 degree rule, the camera can only be on one side of the actors during shot-verse-shot other wise it brakes away from exposition that they are in the same place and it doesnt look right. The prelims were obviously practise runs and i am happy to see the progress we have made since then.
We had many rough cuts that we kept building on, Our first one we tried to hide the identity of Jake we also were missing alot of shots e.g. when they bump into eachother (this rough cut was when we had our first set of actors who were unreliable), but then we realised that it is not really what our genre is, that is more horror than rom-com.
On our second rough cut we didnt get many shots to work with, we also needed to get the story across to the viewers as it was hard to get our narrative enigma across to the audience, nobody understood Jake's role and why he was running...
So in our 3rd rough cut we had re-shoot everything. We had alot more shot variations which gave us more to work with to show our knowledge of how to work the shots together but than we realised we needed to expose why Jake is in a rush aswell as why is Anthea in this small town? so we added the Morning shots of Jake and the book signing speech from Anthea. This gave us the opportunity to use shot-verse-shot and we also used the technique of panning the camera across Anthea's make up, to expose that she was famous and getting ready for an event.

The soundtrack was a new project to us as we didn't make one from scratch in the prelim, so this was a challenge and it was a success and fit in with our project wonderfully first time round!

This project has made me realise since the prelim how much pressure there is and how it takes alot of time to complete at its best, the prelim had to be done in a week and with 5 of us it was manageable to complete it, and at the time it looked good but compared to our Film opening it was rubbish! i am proud of the work we have come out with, it was a challenge and was interesting to learn of how different genres should be and what they should include, during the prelim i knew nothing about what a horror should include, i havn't done a horror but i didnt know much about rom-coms either so i have learnt a great deal of the genre itself.

  As a team i feel me and Charlotte worked better in a bigger group, there was less pressure on our shoulders when there were 5 of us in the prelim task (the mask). I feel that we clashed because we had very different ideas and we could not agree on alot of things. I feel that i was mainly putting the movie together during editing and filming where as she was more thinking of ideas. We tried to split the work as equally as possible and we both did a fair amount of research and planning but towards the filming dates I had commitments that i could not get out of at times, so did Charlotte, it wasn't just me been unreliable, but we pulled through in the end.

We had the problem of unreliable actors at first which set us back alot and we couldn't keep up with the other groups because of this so we had to change the actors - towards christmas i felt more confident we were getting somewere as we got alot done quite quickly. Towards the end we have been a bit more laid back as we have had alot of feedback and it was only small changes we needed to make to make it perfect, e.g. add afew things for anchorage that Jake was late - we used the interview sheet and mobile for this.
At times we both did seperate work e.g. i filmed nick whilst Charlotte was on a school trip and she recorded outside noise while i was busy. I feel it was equal imput and i am happy that it worked out.

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