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Faye & Charlotte
Faye & Charlotte

Monday, 21 March 2011

1) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Our film 'Spotlight Love' is a romantic comedy. We use alot of conventions to show this by having the normal structure of a Romantic comedy - 
  1. Meeting unusually.
  2. Something that brings them back together.
  3. A complication/ Brake up.
  4. The make up/ Solution to the problem.
  5. Happy ending.
These were the main 5 points we focussed on to structure our romantic comedy. Our basic story line is that the two protagonists, Jake and Anthea, meet by bumping into each other in a town that Anthea is holding a book signing, Jake is our comical character because he is a working class character that doesn't know alot and is a bit clumsy at times, were as Anthea is a very well known actress so she is very responsible and 'lady like'. Jake is the one that tries to find Anthea to return her phone, he finally finds her through phoning her manager, They meet up and swap back phones, he makes a fool of himself and she finds it funny, this makes them meet up again. They meet up afew times and finally start to fall in love, this is when the bad times occur. Anthea and Jake are found by paporatsy and put in the newspaper, Anthea's manager (has a secret crush on her) and her parents are not too happy so organise her to do a photoshoot in New York. This makes them fall apart but then Jake follows her to the airport before she flies off to New York. They reunite and fall in love, getting married not long after. - This is the basic idea of the story line. 

The best friends & family of both Anthea and Jake are introduced and they are also seen as comical as they are both Scottish - in many rom-coms e.g. Nottinghill we have a celtic comical character. This brigs a bigger audience, We also have the 'not so nice' characters, in this case it is Anthea's parents and her manager who seems to have a 'crush' on her but really he wants to be a success himself - Cinderella story had the step mother and step sisters as the complicators. These three characters are to become the compliction of the path towards Anthea and Jake's happiness but with a bit of help from the best friends Jake follows her and they fall in love all over again. 

We follow many codes ad conventions of the Rom-com but we also go against them. Our soundtrack doesn't use dialogue, unlike Juno and many other films, we didn't use this code of using a lyrical song. We wanted to have a sound to flow with what was on screen rather than lyrics to describe the feelings. Establishing shots are used in many rom-coms like 'Wild Child', '17 Again' etc, we didn't use this we jumped straight in, not only because it was a time waster but we had more than one place we were set in as we followed both characters. 

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