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Faye & Charlotte
Faye & Charlotte

Monday, 21 March 2011

2) How does your media project represent particular social groups?

The film i have worked on is a rom-com, there fore typically for the female audience. The young cast may bring teens and young adults to watching it, it is not a romantic, it is both romantic and comedy - this will give the male audience a reason to watch the film as it is comical.

The stereotype of Anthea is a typical American young rich drama queen, this is going to make girls want to watch it to see how she lives her life as a famous young adult. There is no physical disability in our rom-com because we didnt feel that there needed to be, without been disrespectful. The stereotype of the character Anthea is that she is a fit, good looking and can be either blonde or brunette- we have given her brown hair to give less impression of a scream queen (typically blonde). The heels and the sun glasses signify she is trying to impress whilste been undercover/ trying to fit in without been noticed. The bags she is carrying are big well known brands to show her welth e.g. the louie vouton hand bag.
The stereotype of Jake is that he is a working class young man looking for work - signified by the interview sheet. He is unorganised as shown when you see he only has 30 minuits to get to his interview and him running around. These aspects of Jake will be comical and possibly make the female audience feel in power as the male protagonist is not as organised and well achieved as the female.
This binary opposition is a good contrast as it has two completely different social classes - this means that middle class and working class audience will be watching as there is no limit as to who it should be about.

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