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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

BOTH - Audience's for Spotlight Love


Core Audience

We have certified Spotlight Love to be a 12 due use of moderate language and some sexual references.To see how we decided to certify this rating and potentially making it appeal to  'tweenagers' we checked out BBFC website and check out our 'BBFC rating' post.Therefore the audiences members we target at are 12-24 year olds.Our cast also reflects this age catergory for they are teenagers.

We also hope our audience's evolves into a 'hybird audience',  meaning we would like to interest both female and male.Statistics show, Romantic Comedy films are known to be a female dominated audience so we would like to challenge this and break the mould by attracting Males.Our film will attract the attention of males by the comedy aspects and showing the banter between the male protagonist and his mates so they males can relate to it as if they were talking to their mates about love issues.

Secondary Audience

Now we have established the age range and gender for our core audience, there is a secondary audience.The secondary audience are a potential audience even if they dont fit the 12-24 age range.

The following marketable elements/hooks can attract this specific audience.Each genre such as Romantic Comedy or Thriller attracts different audiences and those audiences can be further fragmented.Loyal fans to Romantic Comedy,maybe interested to see this film for this film is a Romantic Comedy.

The material of this film source also attracts another kind of audience.The film could be based on a real event,best-selling novel,cartoon or it could have possible inter textual references like taking a spoof of an existing movie e.g Date Movie ( which is a spoof of many other romantic comedies!)

The soundtrack could influence people to see it for the music generally gives a huge clue to the audience,the main feel of the film.Our soundtrack is primarily familiar to the youth audience and the adult audience,as the song 'Your Song' was written by Elton John which the older generation will relate and just recently it was covered by Ellie Goulding which a lot of youngsters will know about.

The attractiveness of the protagonists could be another hook that engages this secondary audience to come and see the film.Or you could challenge this a go for someone more ordinary looking to which the audience can see themselves reflected in the protagonist.

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