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Saturday, 5 February 2011

CB/Deconstruction of 'The Proposal'

The Proposal (Anne Fletcher,2009)

Director-Anne Fletcher
Writer-Pete Chiarelli
Production Companies-
Stars-Sandra Bullock,Ryan Reynolds and Mary Steenburgen
Running Time-108 mins

Rating-12A due to sexual content,nudity and language
Filming Locations-Massachusetts,Rhode Island and California-USA
Box Office Gross-$2,494,131,102 (USA,2009) £42,101,816 (UK,2009)

Here is the trailer for The Proposal-

Tagline-Here comes the Bribe...

Opening Analysis- (2mins)
Deconstruction of shots in opening scenes
First shot makes us think that it is set in/near a wood? Perhaps someone running,this opening shot is odd for it would suit being seen in a horror movie.The camera then zooms out and we then realise that this wood is shown on a television screen.Then we get an 'over the shoulder shot' and we see a possible protagonist of the film? She is on an exercise bike watching the screen and reading various notes.Different shots of her are shown like a close-up and a side shot view.It then cuts to the other possible protagonist? He is in bed  and the time is 12:00 which could connote that he has slept in and is late? He anchors this by looking at his watch and announcing "Shit!" Then it shows a close-up reflection of the girl who is looking in a steamed up mirror signifying she has just had a shower perhaps? Her wet hair could also anchor this? It cuts back to the guy who is running fast down the road, showing he is determined to  get to work as fast as he possibly can.This contrasts with the next clip of the girl who is leisurely eating her breakfast and reading a newspaper.The next shot shows a midshot of the guy running outside of a shop window,it continues to be a mid-shot as he enters the coffee house.The shop owner says "Andrew,Hey!" This signifys that this is his name and by skipping the big queue he has somehow bribed his way into doing that on a regular basis.(Also 'bribe' is a key theme.)Then it shows a mid-shot of the guy dodging through traffic on a busy road emphasising just how late he is.Then there is a side shot view of him as he is running with his coffees through an office, the office could be his workplace?The last shot is a  mid-shot of him in a packed lift.

Soundtrack-Gabe Dixon Band-Find My Way

Film Titles
White bold,curved font over the film footage.The actresses name flashes on at the side of her anchoring that she is playing this character.Then another actors name flashes on signifying he too could be a protagonist? The actual film title 'The Proposal' scrolls on from the left behind the bike.This is quirky which is an attribute and perk of making film titles in Romantic Comedies as you can do almost anything.

Girl-Her apartment is quite small signifying she is living alone, single and is a possible candidate for the romance? However her apartment is filled with gadgets such as the exercise bike linking to the large plasma flat screen television.She wears a smart suit, signifying she has a high rank job?
Boy-You don't really get to see his apartment but you can see he has a double bed which could signify he isn't single, is expecting someone or he has a lot of space for it?

America-Yellow Taxis,Tall skyscraper buildings, lots of people and traffic (vibrant city life), American accents, American police outfits.

Office-Phone's ringing,people rushing about with papers and briefcases.

Any influence?
We took on board the idea of keep cutting back to each character to show the difference of their way of life.

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