Faye & Charlotte

Faye & Charlotte
Faye & Charlotte

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

CB - Filming diary

Friday 4th February 2011

First day of shooting went reasonably well except one of our actors didn't turn up so we were stuck to only shoot scenes of the character Anthea Lovell.We shot the 'red carpet scene' in a drama room at school.To make it more believable,we used the specialist lighting effects and put a spotlight on Anthea. This also linked to our film title- 'Spotlight Love'.I also brought in some cameras and took pictures of Anthea as if she was posing for the paparazzi. Her costume was very glamourous which anchored she was at a special event (Oscar Nominations). To show the transition from the picture into video footage, I thought it would be creative get Anthea to pose in the same position as she is in photo on the front page of the Newspaper. Therefore we zoomed out of the pose she was into her posing for the cameras.

Then Anthea did a drastic costume change into her 'everyday' Anthea Lovell outfit.We made her wear bright,funky,fashionable clothes to make her stand out and to reflect her bubbly fun-loving character.We went down to Cafe Nero in Ilkley and asked if we could film a short clip inside and outside and they agreed seeing as it was for A-level coursework.We filmed Anthea's ident clip.Her ident clip was of her drinking a milkshake and wiping away her 'milkshake tash' with her napkin.On the napkin is her ident,written in bold marker pen. Finally we filmed Anthea coming outside and her phone rings and its her best mate,she talks about last night which was the night she was the Oscar Nominations and won an Oscar herself.As it was outside we had to be cautious of the wind and rain affecting our footage quality.We had a boom mic which helped with the wind for it picks up the sound in much better detail even in wind.It slightly rained but it was okay for we stood under the shelter of the shops.

We plan to re-film urgently next week!

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