Faye & Charlotte

Faye & Charlotte
Faye & Charlotte

Thursday, 17 February 2011

FH- pies in the sky ident idea

This is footage that we made to fit the name of our distribution company 'Pies in the sky'. We were going to make an animation but we dont have alot of time or technology to do that with so we desided that we would make a 'real life' ident. This was shot by us shooting the sky basically and then throing mince pies infront of the camera, these three shots are the best ones we got and we are going to be using one of them for our ident! we are going to slow down the footage so you can see the pies better and have a soundtrack that is similar to the sound track of Halelujah. This is a clip i found a youtube just to give the idea of the song choice...

...We have a good, strong idea of this and we feel it will be comical and it will work.

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