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Thursday, 3 February 2011

CB/Deconstruction of 'The Ugly Truth'

The Ugly Truth (Robert Luktic,2009)

Director-Robert Luktic
Writers-Nicole Eastman,Karen McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith
Production Companies-Lakeshore Entertainment,Relativity Media
Distributors-Columbia Pictures,Sony Pictures Releasing,Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Stars-Katherine Heigl,Gerard Butler and Bree Turner
Running Time-96 Mins
Rating-15 due to sexual content and language
Filming Locations-Los Angeles and California-USA
(Budget-$38,000,000 )
Box Office Gross- $756,078,916 (USA,2009) £12,044,321 (UK,2009)

Here is the trailer for The Ugly Truth:

Tagline- The Battle of the sexes is on.

Opening Analysis (2 mins)-
Deconstruction of opening shots

Hot and Cold By Katy Perry-could signify a main characters relationship with somebody, 'you change your mind , like a girl changes clothes'.Upbeat sound,makes the action more engaging and brings it to life.

Film Titles 
White curved font ,one word is in bold e.g. 'In association with relativity media' Highlights the important word,making it appear bolder to stand out.Transitions-flash on and off-simple and fast paced, linking to music used.For the actors idents,they had the name in the same font as the rest (with their last name in bold though) and either a male or a female typical shape (that you would see on public toilets) in-between the first and last name.This connotes that these two people are the protagonists and perhaps fall in love?Also for the girl shap template there is a heart on the head section which shows, the girl uses her brain and looks for personality when she makes decisions about love.Where as for the boy template, there is a love heart on the groin which could connote that the boy only see's love as a sexual desire.These two differences could be the conflict (obstacle) between the two.

Mise-en-scene-Hellicopter signfies that the person is rich.

Any Influence? We like the upbeat soundtrack with the lyrics linking to the attitudes created in this film.

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