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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

CB/The importance of the youth audience in the film industry.

Importance of Youth

Children are a prime target for marketers. Not only do children today have more disposable income at younger ages, but they have significant influence over family purchases. YTV's 2002 Tween Report estimated that Canadian children aged 9 to 14 spend $1.9 billion and influence $20 billion in family purchases per year. Marketing experts call it "pester power," or the "nag factor" -- the ability to get kids to nag their parents to buy a specific product or take them to a specific restaurant. After all, if your child asks you for the latest toy 37 times a day for a week, the odds are that you'll eventually give in and buy it. source-Blogspot.com

Therefore many film companies are makinf films friendly for all the movie, achieving box office hits.Here is an article from campaign live,1999 on how Pearl and Dean are targeting children.-Article

However film producers are continuously being careful of their representations and references included in their films for they simply don't want the children to learn from these bad role models/habits.In which case the film rating increases to avoid this.

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